Is your facility indoors?
Yes. Our entire 10,000 square foot facility is indoors, and is fully heated and air-conditioned. We have a large, fenced-in play yard outside that is used to exercise the dogs during their walks.

Do you offer multiple pet discounts?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount for 2 pets staying at the same time (same owner), a 15% discount for 3 pets, and a 20% discount for 4 pets. These discounts are for Boarding, Daycamp, and Baths only. Please call for a quote on discounts for over 4 pets.

Do you offer discounts for extended stays?
Yes. Please call for discount information. Amount of discount varies based on dates requested.

Can my pets board together while at Pet Palace?
We welcome multiple family members to stay in the same suite while in our care. There is ample room for up to three small dogs or two large dogs in each suite. In the cattery, there is room for two cats per condo. We reserve the right to separate pets if we notice any aggressive behavior between them.

Do you board birds, reptiles, etc.?
Yes. We do offer boarding for most exotics. Please call for more information.

Can my pet catch a disease/illness while at Pet Palace?
Yes, it is possible, though highly unlikely, that your pet can be exposed to a disease/illness while at Pet Palace. The risk is severely low since we require advanced vaccination of all pets and do not accept ill or contagious animals of any kind. Additionally, we use hospital grade disinfectants and high sanitation standards to promote the absence of disease. Our air flow system, facility construction, mandatory vaccinations and staff training help create a healthy, safe, and secure environment for your beloved pets while in our care.

Why was my pet thirsty after I brought him home?
While in our care, your pet has water provided at all times, and is carefully monitored to insure that he is getting the proper water intake. The excitement of seeing their family again often causes dogs to get very thirsty. Please make sure that plenty of water is provided for your pet when he arrives home.

Do you offer long-term boarding?
Yes. We frequently have pets stay with us for months at a time, or even longer. We are happy to provide you with this service, and ensure that long-term boarders receive that extra care and attention that they need. Please call for a quote on long term boarding. We do require a deposit before leaving your pet for an extended stay.

I have a small dog. Will he still be boarded in a large suite?
Yes. Although most facilities board small dogs and cats in small cages, at Pet Palace, all pets, regardless of size, are boarded in one of our large suites.

Do you offer tours of your facility?
Yes. We are very proud of our facility and would love to give you a private tour. Due to time constraints, we do require that you call to schedule your tour in advance.

I forgot to pick-up my pet before you closed. Can I pick it up after hours?
Unfortunately, we do not allow late or early drop-off or pick-up of pets. Please understand that although this may be a one-time occurrence for you, this happens every day for us. We are not able to accommodate everyone, so we therefore have to be very strict with our policies. Rest assured that your pet will be walked in our play yard, fed, given a pet bed and fresh water before we leave for the night. We appreciate your respect and understanding.

If you have a question not mentioned above, please call (334) 826-7297 and a Pet Palace staff member will be happy to assist you.

203 East University Drive
P.O. Box 2679
Auburn, AL 36831

(334) 826-PAWS (7297)

Email us at petpalaceauburn@outlook.com

All appointments and/or reservations must be made via telephone.