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Pet Palace believes that bathing and grooming is essential for keeping your pet's coat and skin healthy.Therefore, we offer many spa options.

We bathe and groom all breeds of dogs and cats in a clean, sanitary environment, using only salon quality shampoos and conditioners. We hand dry all pets using no-heat dryers for safety and proper coat care. Your pet will experience a luxurious spa treatment, bandana, and a spritzing of our "Royal Cologne".

So, whether you have a show pet or just want yours to look like one, our staff will have your pampered pet looking and feeling great! Ask about discounted prices for weekly clients!


Bathed with our fresh-smelling shampoo, ears cleaned, and general brush-out. Boarders receive $5 off baths during their stay! Nails trimmed if desired.
Dogs $25.00 - $40.00 Cats $35.00

Additional Options:

Oatmeal scrub: A soothing shampoo for sensitive or dry coats. $3.00 additional

Flea & Tick Treatment: Shampoo kills fleas and ticks yet is safe and gentle for your pet's skin. $4.00 additional

Medicated Shampoo: For extremely dry and/or irritated skin (Note: This shampoo should not replace any Veterinarian prescribed shampoos or treatments. Consult your Veterinarian if your pet's skin needs medical attention). $7.00 additional

Hot-Oil Treatment: Specifically designed for your pet's coat, our hot-oil treatment is massaged into the fur to add moisture and shine. Applied after your pet's bath.
$5.00 additional

De-Shed Treatment: Productive formula of aloe vera, vitamins and wheat germ reduce excess shedding. Followed by a generous brush-out with our specially designed deshedding tool.
$20.00 additional

Tea Tree and Aloe:
$5.00 additional

All grooming rates are dependant on breed type, coat condition, pet's temperament, and style desired. We will happily provide you an estimate when making an appointment. A bath is included in the grooming price.

Weekly Rates
We offer a greatly discounted package for weekly customers. Bath weeklies pay a monthly fee and receive one bath per week. Groom weeklies pay a monthly fee and receive one groom per month and one bath per week for the remaining weeks. Please ask about the weekly rate for your pet - You'll be surprised at the savings!


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